Introduction: Beware of Buying Skin Care Online

These days, we are accustomed to buying just about anything online.  From the ease of overnight delivery to the perks of being able to purchase just about anything you want while wearing pajamas in the comfort of your own home, there are very few reasons not to love online shopping. With all of the conveniences of online shopping, it’s easy – and increasingly more popular – to add skincare to your virtual shopping cart. Although we may be eager to start purchasing skincare online, there are several factors leading us to believe that it’s not always safe and not always what you might expect. Here, we share our insights on how to get the best deals on skincare with brands you can trust.

As we continue to build a trustworthy online skincare store, it’s important that we educate and inform you on the scams of buying skincare online as well as showing you how to differentiate shopping sites that you can TRUST! In a recent study regarding online skincare shopping from the Better Business Bureau, it stated:   

“One of the latest ones we’re working with right now is skincare internet businesses. They’re falsely advertising risk-free trials, but their convincing consumers to use their credit and debit cards to pay for shipping fees, and they’re taking these cards and charging them up to $100 a month with recurring fees.”

At Trust Beauty, promotions are our way of letting you try our products before you invest in it – not a ploy to get you hooked on unwanted monthly subscriptions. Trust us, we are offering this because we are confident you will love these products. For example, recently we offered a $12 kit for $5 through our Facebook page.  We did not expect the backlash after offering up this deal but are finding that many companies are scamming consumers, making you wary of participating in deals such as this. For just about every 10 orders received, a question was asked just like this:

Our goal is to always provide each customer with the trusted products they expect.  Any questions like this will be responded to in less than 24 hours. If you do not hear from a company by then, it’s safe to assume this is a scam and you should find a better website that you can trust.   

To know you are buying from a safe site you should always beware of too good to be true deals.  Also, check the security settings of the website, and never enter your personal information in places you do not feel 100% sure about. The best rule of thumb is to think before you click and keep documentation of all orders.

Stay tuned for additional articles where we dive deeper into this. Next up, we will share which sites are the best for buying skincare.  We’ll be covering some of the above points and many others they didn’t mention in the rest of our “Beware of Buying Skin Care Online” series.

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