Is A Plant-Based Beauty Regime Worth The Hype?

So, you’ve heard the buzz about “going green,” seen Sephora transform into the Whole Foods beauty department overnight, and been subjected to every video with Gwyneth Paltrow ridiculing us for not spending $100 on an eco-friendly cleanser. And, you’re exhausted.

Don’t get us wrong – we love our planet and the animals on it (we are, after all, cruelty free and all-natural). And while we still love an all-vegetarian meal and a wheatgrass smoothie (at least sometimes), we definitely aren’t fully certified vegans…yet.

So with all of this floating around in the virtual cloud, one can’t help to beg the question: is a plant-based beauty regime really worth the hype?

For starters, let’s talk about adaptogens. Although it may be trending as of late, the fact is this term was originally coined in the 1940s to a group of plants that helped the bod adapt to stress in the environment. That’s the biggest throwback if we’ve ever seen one.

Adaptogens not only help to raise energy levels, reduce stress, regulate hormones and strengthen the immune system (office cold, anyone?), but they also give a very healthy dose of antioxidants, boost collagen and combat inflammation and bacteria. Which means…hello to flawless, glowing skin and buh bye to wrinkles and under the skin pimples! Yeah, plants can actually do this!

Not sold on the greens? Won’t let us pry the botox from your hands? Let’s turn our attention to some of the main ingredients in Trust Beauty Skin Care for a little something we like to call: the more you know.

The Oils

Meet our Fab Four: Argan, Jojoba, Coconut and Almond. Unlike what most people think, oils are actually good for your skin as they are highly concentrated in Vitamin E – the go-to mineral that helps block free radicals (i.e. wrinkles) from your body. Plus, they are super hydrating!

Ginseng Root Extract

Before we formulated Trust Beauty, Ginseng Root Extract was as relevant to us as social media was in 2006. Fast-forward, and social media rules all and Trust Beauty is changing skin care. Ginseng Root Extract not only has insane anti-aging property, but also helps to tone and brighten your skin. If only social media could do that.

Rhodiola Powder

If there was a Holy Grail of plants, this may be the closest thing to it. Rhodiola Powder – also known as The Anti-Aging Herb – is the best plant to help your body deal with stress, fatigue and your overall health. Oh, and it does a little something-something for those wrinkles, too.

Verdict? While we may not be that friend that reminds you every day that she’s “gone vegan,” we definitely think a plant-based beauty regime is the bandwagon you should be jumping on.

And if you’re someone who loves animals, wants to stop making the Ice Caps melt, and wants to always look their absolute best, join the Trust Beauty Club. You’re basically why we created it

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