Night Creams: Do they work and which is the best one?

The beauty market is saturated with different creams, serums, oils- you name it, all promising to do one thing or another. It almost seems as if a new trend is on the rise weekly making it very difficult to keep track as to what works and what doesn’t. Today, if you hop on social media, you will immediately get bombarded by paid beauty advertisements that influencers “swear by” adding to the confusion. Now to be clear, we are not saying new trends are bad as we love and promote change, but not all beauty products are created equal. 

We are sure you may hate us for saying this, but your mom was right! Beauty sleep is not just some old wives’ tale as having a good quality night's rest is important. While you snooze, your skin naturally loses moisture and if you combine that with less than optimal conditions such as poor sleep, a poor diet and not consuming enough water to stay hydrated, you can wake up to your skin feeling dry and tired. Instead of following a new trend, take a step back and reach for something that has been sworn by people from all over the world, dating as far back to ancient Egypt; try using a night cream lotion!

A Little Bit of Night Cream History

Caring for our skin has always been a universal concern. Dating back to ancient Egypt, cosmetics and face creams were not only used for mummification and religious rituals, but also for everyday life! Due to the damaging effects of the sun and strong winds, Egyptians started to rub night cream onto their skin at the end of a long day before jumping into bed. They found that while they slept, their skin seemed to absorb the nourishing benefits from a hydrating night moisturizer more so than when applied during the day! Night cream was the secret to beautiful healthy skin in Egypt, becoming so popular that it made its way to ancient Rome and from there, all over the world! 

In Egypt, night cream was originally made from moisturizing plant oils, animal fats, and frankincense which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. As society progressed and the benefits of using a night cream became increasingly popular, the ingredients used began to change. In the 17th century, what was considered the best night cream contained a unique mixture of rose water, beeswax, and sweet almond oil. Due to not having a long shelf-life, night cream could not be sold at the store and was made from home or blended by a local pharmacist. Just like the main purpose of its creation from ancient Egypt, the goal of night cream was to remove any signs of sun exposure as having soft supple skin expressed a sign of wealth and beauty. 

How Does Night Cream Work?

Now that we know how night cream came into the world, let's dive into how it actually works! Like we just mentioned, Egyptians found that night cream seemed to absorb more so into the skin at night than during the day, but why? 

During the day, our skin is in protection mode fending off environmental aggressors like pollution, wind and the sun. This is when the sympathetic nervous system is in control keeping blood flow close to the core of the body. At night when your body is resting, the parasympathetic system takes over shifting blood flow to the extremities. Theoretically, this is when the skin builds more collagen making your skin cell regeneration power at its peak. By slathering on high quality, skin-nourishing night cream before getting under the covers, you are helping your skin's natural process to repair itself!

What are the Benefits of Night Cream?

Night cream has a long list of benefits making it an important step to nightly beauty routines all around the globe, helping people to look their best! Although there are many night creams on the market today boasting to do one thing or another, some of the main benefits that most creams offer are as follows:

  • It soothes your face
  • Can boost collagen
  • Reduces dark spots
  • Moisturizes your skin keeping it hydrated
  • Keeps skin soft and supple
  • Helps your skin to restore elasticity
  • Aids in tightening the skin to reduce sagging
  • Helps to renew and repair cells
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Evens out complexion and uneven skin tone
  • Increases firming properties

Night cream helps to clean dirt from your face, renews cells, has anti-wrinkle properties and prevents tissues from being damaged making it a great nourishing tool to add to your beauty regimen!

Which Night Cream is Best?

This is a great question! With the drugstore shelf packed tight showcasing product after product such as Olay, CeraVe and Neutrogena and the internet buzzing with the next beauty miracle, we feel it is important to educate yourself on some of the ingredients found in the best Regenerist night cream before making a purchase! By understanding what is actually in your night cream and what the ingredients are, you can shift through the impostors helping you to find the best one that is right for you! Again, not all night creams are created equal as many creams are just expensive face moisturizers that don’t really provide much of an added benefit. Before you go shopping in Ulta or Amazon, to find the best night cream, become familiar with the ingredients!

 Some of the best active ingredients in night cream are:

Hyaluronic Acid

One of the most studied ingredients in the beauty industry, hyaluronic acid helps with wrinkles, fine lines, and skin pigmentation issues. It also helps to moisturize your skin keeping it soft and hydrated.


A derivative of Vitamin A, retinol is a very powerful agent that helps with anti-aging, fine lines, wrinkles, and even brown spots. It's the typical go-to when people are looking for a rapid wrinkle repair product. Retinol will also help to even out and brighten the skin. If you have sensitive skin, start with a very small amount.


This antioxidant helps with stress and has skin-calming properties that can minimize the look of redness.

Alpha-hydroxy Acids

Good for dull or ashy dry skin, alpha-hydroxy acids help to gently exfoliate and soften the skin. To really maximize the benefit of your night cream, this is an important ingredient because it will help your night cream to better penetrate and absorb into the skin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that moisturizes and brightens the skin along with helping to reduce inflammation and redness.


Glycerin is one of the main ingredients you will see listed in anti-aging night creams as it is an all-natural moisturizer that repairs and hydrates the skin.


Ceramides are natural proteins that protect the surface of the skin keeping environmental toxins out and moisture locked in. It also helps to keep skin feeling soft, smooth and supple!

Lactic Acid

An exfoliant that removes the outer layer of dead skin cells, lactic acid allows your cream to better penetrate and absorb into the skin. 


These proteins can stimulate the growth of new cells while helping to shed the dead ones. Peptides also promote the production of collagen which is a natural protein contributing to your skin's firmness helping to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C

A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C is a popular ingredient found in night cream because it helps the skin to make more collagen. Applying this at night will help to fight free radical damage promoting new cell growth- all without being broken down by exposure to the sun!

We now know that night creams are extremely effective due to our body's natural response to repair and heal as we sleep. However, picking the right night cream can be tough without understanding what the ingredients are and how they will work with your skin. To make night cream shopping a little easier and to help find which product is best for you, take into account your skin type!

Oily and acne-prone skin

For those with oily skin, stick to a night cream that is light and simple, but strong. Night creams boasting with dozens of ingredients may clog your pores causing a breakout. Look for products containing alpha-hydroxy acids to improve skin texture and shrink the size of your pores as you sleep. 

Aging skin

When it comes to anti-aging, the two most popular ingredients to retain a youthful glow are resveratrol and hyaluronic acid. Together, these powerful ingredients work hard to bring elasticity back into your skin smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. 

Dry skin

If you have dry skin, night creams that contain a moisturizer are important! Look for products that contain glycerin and ceramides to keep moisture locked in all night long.

Did you know that your skin is your body’s largest organ? Taking care of your skin is so important not just for beauty reasons, but for your overall health! Our bodies are truly an amazing thing with our skin working at its peak when we sleep. If you are looking to enhance your natural beauty, we highly recommend putting a little bit of TLC into your skincare regimen and add a good quality night cream to your beauty arsenal. Beauty sleep is important, maximize your siesta with night cream!  

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