The Ingredient That’s Changing the Beauty Industry

It’s no secret that there is a new beauty product popping up – what feels like – every. single. day. While it’s basically impossible to keep in the know (hello, there’s only so much social media we can go through in a day), it’s even harder to weed out what’s worth the splurge and what’s not. That’s why we are declaring to bring it back to basics in 2018 by going au naturale…as in natural products, of course. Because, let’s be honest, not only can you really not go wrong here, but all the hype is R-E-A-L. Trust us.

Here’s the 411 on the ingredient that’s changing the beauty industry.

Enter: Adaptogens (no, we didn’t just curse at you). Adaptogens are a class of herbs named after their ability to help your body adapt to environmental stressors. They help to naturally balance and regulate your body’s stress levels through all your boss’s weekly annoyances. Loving it already, amirite? Just like meditation or exercise can help you lower stress levels and improve your mood, adaptogens help to restore your attitude from the inside out! #winning

So how can you incorporate this into your daily beauty routine?

One of the most popular ways is through herbal supplements. But, who are we kidding? We both know we won’t remember to take a vitamin every day. That’s why we recommend Trust Beauty. Thanks to Trust Beauty’s tireless research and brilliant innovation, you can now get that chill “pill” via your (plant-based) beauty products. And what’s more, it will do all the hydrating, skin firming and wrinkle-resistant goodness that we all can’t live without.

Our favorite products

Skin feels as dry as the Sahara Desert? Try the Enzyme Mask + Overnight Nourishing Lotion to renew and replenish your oh-so-cute face.

Embracing the “New Year, New You?” Scrub off 2017 with the Exfoliating Scrub and say hello to a better – and brighter – you.

Looking for a cleanser that *actually* removes makeup? The Loyal Daily Cleanser will do just that without ever betraying you for the girl in Apt 4B. 

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