Why Adaptogens?



Skincare and wellness companies have over-complicated and over-priced taking care of yourself.  We believe that healthy skin is of primary importance to those wishing to decrease the effects of aging and being able to feel comfortable in your own skin. Your body knows what to do for internal wellness and external beauty, but, as we age, the processes of repair and rejuvenation slow down.  We use the best ingredients nature has to offer to help your body and skin adapt at any age so that you can live your best life.

As one of the first companies to use Adaptogen Ingredients topically, we believe in helping your skin perform at its best, regardless of the current environment – our proprietary adaptogen complex helps your skin adapt and perform optimally.


Adaptogens are a unique class of herbal plants that for centuries have been used to aid the body-system in adapting to various environmental stressors.

TRUST Beauty has identified key adaptogen ingredients for skincare that possess reparative properties, such as the ability to rejuvenate skin suffering from cellular breakdown caused by the environment and external stressors.


Lactobacillus and Panax Ginseng Root Extract

One of the most powerful anti-oxidants that helps maintain elasticity of the skin while simultaneously adapting to the skin’s micro environment to help reduce inflammation that may cause premature aging.

Rhodiola Rosea

A plant that has adapted to very harsh environments in the rocky mountains, and central Asia that is known for it revitalizing properties. It helps the skin recover from stress and to provide an instant refreshing feeling.


The efficacy of adaptogens in beauty products is supported by a growing body of clinical research in the field of phytopharmacology*, which emphasizes the therapeutic and medicinal properties of natural bioactive agents

*Clinical studies suggest that adaptogens activate adrenal glands through the body’s endocrine system to regulate hormones such as cortisol. A well-balanced endocrine system, along with the antioxidant-rich ingredients in adaptogens, maintains healthy blood circulation—a key factor in anti-aging—and is crucial for the skin to combat inflammation, bacterial impurity and oxidative stress. Other findings have shown that the use of adaptogens can normalize blood sugar levels, supporting the production of collagen and elastin, as well as healthy cell growth.