• Gently exfoliates dead skin cells
  • With Lemon, Bilberry, and Jojoba Beads
  • Exfolitaion gives skin a smoother appearance
  • Delivers adaptogens deep into the skin
  • Enhanced anti-aging benefits
  • Reveals fresh, glowing skin and helps minimize pores.
  • Safe for all skin types, including sensitive, and acne-prone skin
  • Faith exfoliating scrub is made in USA, vegan, and 100% cruelty-free
  • Exfoliation product comes in 88mL / 3 FL. OZ
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What you get

By far the best bang for your buck - the Ultimate Exfoliation Kit includes all 5 of the great TRUST Beauty products - loyal cleanser, promise day cream, commit night cream, faith exfoliating scrub AND honor enzyme mask. The blend of enzymes in honor will restore, refresh and replenish your skin, leaving it radiant and glowing.

100% Money back guarantee

Made in the U.S.A.

Cruelty free

All natural ingredients

The Skin Smoothing Kit

Having oil on your skin is natural and healthy, but too much oil can lead to breakouts and an embarrassing sheen. What many people don’t realize is that it is possible for your skin to be both oily and dehydrated! Your skin could actually be over-producing oil to make up for a lack of moisture in your skin. If your skin is acne-prone and you are using harsh chemicals to treat it, that will increase the level of dehydration.

The key is to help your skin normalize oil production so that your skin is hydrated with good oils but your pores aren’t clogged up with blemish-producing oils. TRUST Beauty’s products will help restore balance to your skin. This starts with your cleanser, it needs to clean the skin without stripping away all the good oils. You still need to use a moisturizer but maybe 1 pump instead of two.

The Skin Smoothing Kit provides everything you need to get started on a healthy skin regimen. Skin care is like brushing your teeth or exercising, you don’t do it once and expect “miracle results”, but making it a habit that you do twice a day, everyday, will produce glowing, radiant and balanced skin.

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Sarrah Bottari

Normally never write reviews for skin products since I have yet to find a product that works great for my own skin. However since using Trust Beauty Skincare, I have seen nothing but positive results. The products do not leave you feeling greasy, but instead with your skin feel fresh and clean with a beautiful glow! Will continue to use these products and recommend to anyone in need.

Mary Beth

Over the last few weeks I have started using Trust Beauty Skincare. It has made a truly positive and noticeable difference in my skin. My face feels really clean and well hydrated. The booster serum is my biggest fav.- it soaks right in and I'm noticing less lines. I had some issues before with random “bad spots”- they have been MIA since I started using these products. I follow with moisturizer, for me (probably because I use some on my neck) I use 2 pumps. My skin now feels dewy, soft, and bright...


The faith exfoliating scrub has improved my skin’s texture in a flash!
Just what I needed while sheltering in place.
Thanks Trust Beauty!


This scrub leaves my skin feeling so smooth afterwards. Will definitely be ordering another one when this one is finished.

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